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  • Keep all your favorites in one place
  • Get your own URL, accessible everywhere
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One Link to rule them All

You get your own web address. Remember one short web address, and you'll be remembering all of your favorites. Available on any computer or mobile.

Drag and Drop

Adding your links is a snap! Linkpad features an intuitive, fast drag-and-drop user interface. Adding and organizing your links is quick and easy.


We aren't kidding about this. No fees, no ads, no subscriptions, no hidden or locked features. Free.

Not another Password

With Linkpad, simply sign in with your existing Google account. It's secure, and you don't have to remember another password.

Post It

In addition to storing your links, Linkpad can store Post-it style notes as well. Keep track of all those little to-do's.


When you log in to Linkpad, your account credentials go to Google. Linkpad never sees, nor stores your credentials. Only you have edit access to your Linkpad.