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How Do I...

Create a Page?
Log in, then click "Account" in the upper right. Click "Add a Page."
Edit my Linkpad?
Log in, then click "Edit" in the upper right.
Add, Edit, or Delete Links?
See the introduction for a video and specific instructions.
Set Linkpad as my home page?
Log in, then go to your edit page. Click the icon on your edit page.
Follow the instructions that appear in the balloon.
Use the bookmarklet?
Check out the bookmarklet blog post.
Make my browser open my home page whenever I open a new tab?
Read this brief blog post.

General Questions

(Why) do I need a Google account?
You need a Google account to use Linkpad. Most people already have one, but if you don't you can get a google account. Linkpad uses Google for sign on, so that you don't have to remember another password, and because it's secure.
What is "View" versus "Edit" mode?
I need more help using Linkpad.
The introduction has a short instructional video to demonstrate how to perform basic and advanced tasks. Or email us.
Can I give others edit access to my page?
No. You could if you gave them access to your Google account. But don't give others access to your Google account. That's risky.
Can I request a feature?
Sure! Email us.
My question isn't listed here.
Could you take a moment to email it to We will get back to you as quick as we can, and we'll probably add it to this page.


Who can view the pages I create on Linkpad?
Anyone. The purpose of a Linkpad is that after creating your page, the links are available everywhere, without forcing a logon. However, you must be logged in to edit your page.
Is my email tied to my account? Can others discover my email through Linkpad?
Your email is tied to your account -- but only internally. Linkpad will never make the connection between your email address and page public.
Can people find out who I am based on my Linkpad page?
No. Linkpad does not and will not disclose the owners of pages to anyone. However, if you choose a URL with your birth name, obviously people can figure out who owns the page.
Can't Linkpad employees see my email address and my links?
By default, Linkpad employees don't have access to your data. The only execption is if you are having a problem, and request assistance that requires us to take a look at your data. After the support ticket is closed, access is revoked. Additionally, all employees are under contract to protect and keep user data confidential.
Is it safe to put links to my bank on Linkpad?
Yes. If you trust your bank's website, then you are safe.
Does Linkpad allow me to sign in to other services, like my bank?
No. Linkpad only stores links. It does not have the ability to save passwords. If you put a link to your bank on your Linkpad, anyone clicking on that link will be sent to your bank's login page, not your personal bank account.
Will Linkpad send me email?
No. Linkpad won't send you any email, except to respond to support inquiries. Spam is evil.
Will Linkpad share my email address with others?
What information does Linkpad collect?
Linkpad collects only your email address and the links and pages you put up. Nothing more.
How does sign up and logon through Google work?
When you logon or sign up, you are temporarily redirected to Google's servers. It is through their systems that you authenticate. Linkpad has no part in this transaction, and cannot access your credentials. Then you are bumped back to Linkpad. You can check out a more technical explanation.