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How To...

If you have a Linkpad account, login first:

  1. Click Login/Sign Up in the upper right.
  2. Click Edit: x
Add a Link
Click the green + icon in the upper left. A balloon should appear. Enter the link's URL and Name. Press Enter, and the link should appear in the bottom of the first column.
Add a Post-it Note, Category Heading, or Label
Click the green + icon. Enter a Name, but leave the URL field blank.
Add a Spacer
Click the green + icon. Leave both fields blank, and press Enter.
Import Links
Click "Import Favorites" in the lower-left. Follow the prompts on the page that appears.
Delete a Link
Drag a link from your page onto the trash icon (and release).
Delete all Links
Hover over the trash icon for a moment. Click "clear all links" in the balloon that appears. Deletion is permanent.
Edit a Link
Drag a link onto the pencil icon. Enter your edits into the balloon, and press enter. Esc to cancel.
Move a Link to another location
Click and drag a link to desired spot. Let go of the mouse, and the link will fall into place.
Create a new page
Click "Account" in the upper right. Then click "Add Page." Or, visit
Delete a page
Click "Account" in the upper right. Click the delete button next to the page you want to delete. Deletion is permanent.
Cancel my Account
Click "Account" in the upper right. Click "Cancel my Account" and follow the prompts. If you cancel, all your pages and links will be deleted. But you are welcome to come back any time.
Export my Links
You can export your links to an HTML file by using the keyboard combination "Ctrl-S" in your browser.